Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Christmas/Birthday all in one

So I mentioned that Adam got me the Bob Duallie Revolution Double jogging stroller for Christmas.  I was so excited because I have been using my single jogging stroller weekly with Hope since she was 3 months old and absolutely love it.  We have not gotten any other double stroller, so this will likely be our only double stroller at least until we feel like we need another one.  We have seen people with this exact stroller in the mall as well as on the road so we felt like it was a good purchase for us.  We also got it on sale and online so we didn't have to pay for tax, shipping, and got the nice discount because they were coming out with a new line of Bob's, so they were trying to get rid of the older models.  Saved us over $125. 

I have not started running again but I have taken the kids on a couple of walks to get out of the house.  My first walk with both kids, and they both fell asleep. 

I was trying to get my walks in everyday, but I started having some additional pain and realized I was probably doing too much at home too, so I took a few days off and am now back to walking again.  My thought is to start doing some strength training/yoga around 2 weeks post partum (did it with Hope at 3.5 weeks pp) and see how I feel.  I will keep you abreast of my getting back into shape blogging. 


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