Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Our "babymoon"

Adam and I decided to do a little trip away from our daughter before the new baby arrives, so we went away last weekend.  It was a short trip; we left Saturday morning and returned Sunday afternoon (just in time for me to take Hope to a birthday party).  We went to a vineyard/spa/resort and had a wonderful time. 

We had massages at 11:30am on Saturday, but luckily the place is only 40 minutes away from our house so we didn't have to rush very much.  We had wanted to do a couples' massage (we have never done one), but they were already booked.  I had a prenatal massage and Adam and had a hot stone massage.  He said it was really nice.  We hung out in the spa afterwards and relaxed, then we checked in to our hotel room and grabbed lunch at the winery.  Adam had a great glass of wine and lunch was very nice.  Unfortunately, the weather was pretty crummy, so some of the things we had hoped to do (tennis and hiking) did not happen.  Instead we vegged in the room, took naps, watched tv, snuggled, etc.  We decided to have a date night so we got dressed and went out for dinner and movie.  We had wanted to see Just Go With It for a couple of weeks because we had stayed at the hotel in Hawaii where a lot of the film was made.  It was so awesome to watch the movie and know exactly where they are.  It was neat.  Not a bad movie either.

Sunday morning, we relaxed some more and were very lazy.  It was very hard to chill since every weekend has revolved around working on house/nursery or doing things with/for Hope.  We headed back in town and had brunch and did some shopping for the kids. 

We forgot our camera all weekend so we don't have any pictures to commerate the trip, but we have wonderful memories. 

Anyone else ever go on a babymoon?

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  1. Sounds delightful. Never been on a babymoon... no babies yet. :)