Thursday, March 24, 2011

It's go time

It's funny, I am actually psyched to get back into working out and having my body back (well as much as back as I can considering I am nursing).  Aidan is now 2 weeks old and I am feeling pretty good.  I am still a little sore, but I am not taking Motrin for pain anymore and nursing is going really well, so I think I can start to think about watching my eating and start "working out."  I know I can't run yet, but I have been walking a couple times a week. 

My first walk - 3 days pp

I am now going to start incorporating some strength training which will be easy on my healing body, but will help me build muscle and burn calories until I can start running again (still weeks away).  I did The Firm with Hope when she was 3.5 weeks old.  I didn't have as bad of a delivery with Aidan so I thought I would start today and see how it goes.  Any little bit will help.  With Hope I did work out, but I didn't even think about losing any weight because I wanted to make sure my milk was in and I had a good supply (FYI - breastfeeding was/is very important to me.  I BF Hope for 15.5 months and plan to BF Aidan for at least 1 year).  I didn't want to restrict my calories with Hope in case it affected my supply.  This time around, I feel more confident about BFing and my milk came in early and Aidan is nursing great and at 5 days old had already gained back his birth weight plus 3.5 oz.  So I feel good about BFing and would like to lose my baby weight a little faster than last time (3-4 months). 

Me and my belly the evening Aidan was born
I am actually in between contractions which is why I am smiling

Working Out
This time around I plan to use Your Shape to get some strength training in.  I actually got this for Christmas last year, but our PC couldn't handle it so I had to wait until I got a new computer before I could load it up.  I had my first workout today and it was pretty good.  I think it was just a fitness test but I did it for 30 minutes and burned 246 calories.  My goal is to do it 3 times a week and walk 2-3 times a week as well.  That seems like a lot to do with 2 small children and my lack of sleep means I am not getting up early to get my workouts in, so we will see how it goes.  At least right now, Aidan can't go out so I am stuck at home which means no errands at least right now. 

I gained 24lbs. during my pregnancy.  I did not restrict myself during pregnancy because I knew with Hope I had a very small placenta and that made it difficult for Hope to get enough nutrients and calories.  Aidan started off fine, but really dropped in the end.  Again, another small placenta, so I am glad I gained a good amount of weight.  I signed up for Babyfit.  I will try to track my calories on this site and see how I am doing. My goal is to eat as many whole foods as possible and limit refined foods.  I do know I need extra calories because I am nursing as well as lots of water.  So I do plan to have dessert most nights.  :)  According to babyfit, I need 1,800 - 2,100 calories a day, so that is my plan.  I do not plan to do anything dramatic, just try to be smart. 

According to the scale, I am 11 lbs. above my pre-pregnancy weight, with a current BMI of 22.2.  With my pre-pregnancy weight, I will have a healthy BMI of 20.2.  I have gotten down to 19.8, but for now we are focused on 20.2.  I also took my measurements today.  I will update you on how many inches I have lost.  I can tell you that my chest measurement is currently 4.5 inches bigger than my pre-pregnancy chest measurement.  Yes, I look like a porn star right now.  :)

My belly today

So, my goal is mainly to just get back into shape so I can get back to my running shape.  I am not so concerned with the weight.  I know it will come off, well at least it did last time.  :)  Wish me luck.


  1. That baby is adorable! It sounds like things are going good. How is it handling a newborn and a toddler at the same time? We are still on the fence about having another one. We have the 11-month-old now. But I'm 38 so it's time to make a decision. Just curious how it's going sleepwise and function-wise with the two babies.

  2. Life with 2 is defintely different. The newborn is actually being really good so far (other than sleeping at night). The toddler has shown no signs of jealousy, but is in the middle of the terrible 2's. It is hard at times, but IMO totally worth it. I love my children with all my heart.

  3. I think you already look pretty great!

    I found walking to be a good bridge to get back to working out (running really) after my baby.