Monday, May 9, 2011

Hodgepodge post

Well I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day (especially the Mothers).  Mine was wonderful.  The weekend started off with my first race since my son was born.  It wasn't a great race.  Too crowded and I didn't start up far enough so my time was terrible (30:54 for a 5k).  Then we went to brunch (my favorite meal).  On Sunday, the husband made me cornflake crusted french toast with strawberries (I am not a fan of syrup).  He also gave me a wonderful necklace with 3 charms/pendants for it (H, A, and love) for my beautiful children.  Unfortuantely, 2 of the charms don't fit and we tried to return it so they could fix it, but they were already closed.  :(  Hopefully we will get it fixed sometime this week, I want to wear it. 

Of course, Mother's Day is very bittersweet, but I tried to be a good sport about it on Sunday.  I know it bothers the husband when I am bummed out on holidays. 

I am still holding myself to running 3 days a week, yoga once a week, and abs once a week.  I have been able to do it for a couple of weeks now and have started to increase my mileage some (4 miles at a time minimum).  Unfortuantely, I am running either in the late morning or afternoon and the temperatures are starting to increase.  I guess if it gets too hot, I will have to go back to the mill (not a fan).

Weight loss
Well I am down another couple of pounds and have 7 more pounds to go (my son is 8.5 weeks old).  Not too bad.  I am eating more veggies (think salads most days for lunch), very little dairy (not totally vegan, because I just can't avoid my ice cream, but no cheese really), and mostly whole foods.  My go to snack when I am on the run is a Larabar.  My current favorites are peanut butter and jelly and peanut butter cookie, but they are all very good.  I am also drinking a lot of water, both for weight loss and nursing.  I have been very happy with my progress over the past couple of weeks.   

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