Friday, May 27, 2011

When to race?

I saw this race at the Peachtree Expo last year and immediately fell in love with the idea.  I really liked the idea of doing the FL Keys race.  I have really been enjoying getting back into running since the little guys arrival and south FL in Jan.sounds awesome.  So you ask, what's the peoblem?

1.  The hub doesn't get many vaca days, so I am not sure that he would want to take a few days off and spend them running. 

2.  The little guy that I am currently holding while he sleeps (he still won't nap in his crib, any advice on this) won't be 10 months old, and I will still be nursing (nursed DD until she was 15.5 months old).  Having 2 little ones makes it tough to do something of this difficult (but not impossible). 

3.  My sister is getting married in April, so I fear this might be too much to try to do before her wedding.  I am a bridesmaid, as well as her wedding planner, so I am busy with the wedding.  The race is in Jan.

So those are all the reasons why not to do it, but like I said, I have known about this July.  I couldn't do it last January because I was pregnant.  And it just sounds like so much fun, that I am just dying to do it.

What are your thoughts?  Should I go for it or just wait it out another year?


  1. Kill 2 birds with one stone...make it your sisters bachelorette party, lol. Do you have to organize your entire team, or will they match you up with other runners?

    The friend I'm running the San Diego RnR with next weekend did the SoCal Ragnar last month ago. Here's his recap

    That's a beautiful time of year to be there. I'm sure the fan would enjoy the getaway. The race sounds like quite an undertaking to plan, but would be an awesome experience. I know your used to sleep deprivation already!