Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Surviving the stomach bug, another day's meals

So Sunday night and Monday I was home sick with the stomach bug. It was awful but luckily this morning I am feeling better. So this week will probably lack some good exercise and good eats posts, so here is an eating blog I forgot to post from last Thursday. I am going to continue with my G2 Gatorade and toast for now.

2 eggs over easy, a plain piece of toast and some coffee with skim milk

I wasn't terribly hungry at lunch time, so I just had some vanilla yogurt (fat free) with some mango added to it. I also was drinking my water by now.

Later in the afternoon, I made a veggie quessidilla. Here it is right before I placed it into the pan.

And here it is on my plate. I put 2% mexican blend cheese, yellow bell pepper, tomato, and onions. Yum!

And of course, my typical hold me over till dinner, some candy. Thank goodness all the candy is gone!

Dinner for me was a veggie burger with cheddar cheese, roasted broccoli, and some homemade sweet potato fries. Yes, my veggie burger is on a whole wheat hot dog bun; we were out of regular buns.

BTW, it's snowing again here. That makes for 3 times this winter. Has to be a record!

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  1. Sure it's just a stomach bug? ;)

    Hope you're back to 100%. That's such a miserable feeling.