Monday, March 29, 2010

Work health plan for last week and this week

I didn't realize I didn't post what my work's around the world to a healthy lifestyle was last week, so I will combine them. Last week was 3 servings of calcium and this week is to watch your sodium.

3 servings of calcium

That is usually not too hard for me. I really like cheese and yogurt so I was able to get in 3 servings most days. I usually have either yogurt or cereal with milk for breakfast and then yogurt for a snack in the afternoons. So that just leaves me with one more serving to have at lunch or dinner. I am not a fan of drinking my calories (except for my green monster smoothies) so I don't drink much milk, except a couple of tablespoons in my morning coffee (heaven!), so I rarely sit down to dinner with anything but water, but I should start to rethink that. Milk for dinner might be fun and will remind me of being a kid again (my mom made us drink a cup of milk every night at dinner).


You are supposed to keep your daily sodium to less than 2,300 mg each day. I am fortunate enough not to have a blood pressure problem, so far at least. My blood pressure if very low, usually 90-100/60. Even pregnant, I never had 120/80. But I am not a big salt fan either. I don't put a lot of salt into dishes and never add salt to my food (with the exception of sliced tomatoes eaten by themselves). I also don't eat a lot of processed foods (I didn't say none though) so that helps. But if you do, you have to watch out, because there is a lot more salt in them then you think. Frozen entrees, soups, cereals and breads all have a lot more salt in them then you think. So since this week is to watch my sodium, I am going to buy reduced salt/reduced fat cheddar cheese at the farmer's market this week and try to keep my processed foods to a minimum.

Good luck to anyone following this.

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