Monday, December 6, 2010

My Pre-Thanksgiving Fun Run

Well I was waiting for the official results to come out, but they still haven't, so I will go ahead and post this.  I ran a local 5k race the weekend before Thanksgiving.  It was my first race since knowing I was pregnant.  There had been a lot of debate about me running any races.  I had planned to run another one, but the hubs was not feeling it.  He has major concerns about my running knowing that in a few weeks I have another ultrasound, which the last time around, showed our current toddler was borderline IUGR and I was put on modified bedrest for the rest of the pregnancy.  Although my perinatologist told us "Exercise does not cause IUGR," that response has not changed my lovely husband's mind.  So while I have been itching to race, I have not since I know the husband worries.  But this was local and close and only a 5k, so I told him I was doing it.  Luckily, he didn't have a tennis match until 10:00am (the race was at 8am) so he could watch Hope while I ran the race by myself (another reason I could run, I didn't have to push a jogging stroller). 

Pre-race breakfast was a banana smeared with peanut butter.  I was going to do peanut toast, but I read on the No Meat Athlete that bread and diary take more energy to digest than fruits, so I went with that.  I was going to do a smoothie, but it was just a 5k, so I didn't need that many calories. 

So we got there early, and I got my race number and grabbed a few pictures with my precious daughter (doesn't like looking at the camera currently).

After some chatting, I got in line and was off.  Here Hope is watching mommy run by.

Here I am roudning the last corner before the finish (I am in the pink sleeves and black vest).

And here I am finishing strong.  It was a good race.  I had a pregnancy PR of 28:12 and it was a very hilly race.  I felt good.  
After the race, we didn't stick around for the awards.  It was cold and Adam needed to get going and I had a tennis match that afternoon, so I had to promise to consume as many calories as I could between the race and my tennis match (which I did win, but it took 2.5 hours, oops). 


  1. Awesome. How far along are you in your pregnancy? Did you race with Hope in your belly? up until what month?

    Just info gathering for a hypothetical, in-the-future baby.

  2. I am just shy of 6 months right now, so at the race I was just over 5 months pregnant. I am due in March. I ran a couple of races with Hope in my belly. I ran a 5K at 4 months (time was 29:34) and then I ran a 10K at 6 months pregnant. That was the last race I ran and then we found out she was IUGR and I had to stop exercising all together.

  3. I'm always impressed by mommas who keep running throughout their pregnancy, but 28 minutes for a 5k is seriously awesome. Then a tennis match afterwards? Wow, great job Jaime!