Monday, July 6, 2009

New Peachtree PR!

Yeah! I completed the Peachtree with a new Peachtree PR (personal record). I ran it in 50:34. That's a 8:02 minute mile. Not too bad considering I had a kid 8 months ago. :) The Peachtree is a pretty tough 10k. It is flat for the first 3 miles, then the hills start and there are 3 pretty major hills in the last 3 miles. There is also a slight uphill that I don't count but Adam does. :) I believe my previous Peachtree PR was 52:18, so my time was almost 2 minutes faster. Normally, I am not as fast in July, but I haven't done as much training but since I am hoping to do a full marathon this Nov. I knew I needed to start early. We had a great time at the race. We went with another couple and their friend. It was nice because we carpooled so we didn't have to take Marta and it was pretty convenient. I had to get up extra early this year to pump before I left because was still asleep when we left. My future brother-in-law came over to babysit in the early morning hours which we greatly appreciated. He is a runner too, so he knew it was important to me to get back out and start racing, so he had no problem coming over before 6:00am to watch little Hope. I have to say, I was a little nervous not having a phone, but as soon as we called him, he told us everything had been going smoothly. Yeah! My dad was at the race and got a couple of pictures of us. As soon as I get them, I will post them. Hope everyone had a happy 4th!


  1. Reading about your successes keeps my optimism alive. That's a great finishing time, let alone 8 months post baby!

    I feel so stinkin' slow yet, it's discouraging. It helps to have examples like yours, where you came back even better than before.

    It was really sweet of the your family to make it a team effort. Sounds like everything fell into place just right.