Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Peachtree!

So the Peachtree Road Race is coming up. I completed my last training run for the race. I developed a personalized 8 week training plan from runner's world Smart Coach. I like training, so even if it's an easier race, I still like to develop something for me to go by. :) Well I did almost every run in the past 8 weeks. I few times though I had tennis instead of running, but I think it will all even out. I am in the first group (Time Group 1B), so I get to start when the gun goes off. That's key! If you haven't ever run the Peachtree, then you don't understand just how many people run this thing. I believe it's the largest 10K in the country (but maybe just the southeast). Over 55,000 people run/walk it. You have to act fast to get a number even. Adam and I had qualifying times that were good enough to get us in the first group. Adam ran a sub 50:00 10K and I ran it in 50:09. Adam is in 1A and I am in 1B (missed the 1A time by 9 seconds). Sucks, but I am hoping to do well in this race. I have my new awesome watch, which has a virtual partner (VP) on it. My goal for this race is 51:00. That is not my PR, but it would be my PR for the Peachtree and the Peachtree is not an easy race. So I have set my VP at a 8:11 pace. If I can keep this pace for just over 6 miles, I will get my 51:00 time. I have created a new playlist on my iPod shuffle, which I always do for races. Adam gave me a new running outfit for our anniversary that I plan to wear (he knows me so well), so I think I am ready.

Tomorrow, we plan to hang out with my side of family and do a cookout. Hope will be introduced to Lake Lanier tomorrow. My dad bought her another PFD that hopefully she will like more than the one at Adam's mom's lake. :)

Happy early 4th of July

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