Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Where have I been?

Good question! Last week we were at the beach. I have been going to Amelia Island for 29 years now. Wow! We had a great time! This was Hope's first time to the beach and see seemed to love it just as much as we do. I was able to run 5 out of 6 mornings and twice on the beach. I think I did about 30 miles worth of running, plus biking one day and we walked almost everywhere we could, but we also enjoyed the food everyday. :) It was a great vacation and here are some pictures from the trip.

Hope at the beach, Day 2.
Hope and Adam at the marsh before dinner.

Hope at the pool just chillin'.

Happy girl before dinner (pasta night at the ocean club).

At lunch one day.

Playing in the ocean and sand. :)


  1. I love Amelia Island! My in-laws have a condo up there :)

  2. I love it there too! I have been going there since I was 1. I was so happy to take Hope there.