Sunday, June 28, 2009

My Relief for Back Pain

So, I mentioned on Friday, that my back was killing me. I had hurt it during my days as a gymnast, and since then I have tweaked it every so often. Well I injured it a couple of weeks ago at the lake water skiing. Well on Thursday, I did it again at Gymboree (boy it's a tough place). I couldn't arch my back at all. Well, I had planned to go for another long run on Saturday and didn't want to miss out on it, since I rarely get to, so I decided to go, but take it slow. Adam and Hope ended up going with me, so it made it easy for me to take it easy. Well 8 miles later, my back felt 50% better. I guess it was the heat and the blood running through my body to loosen everything up that helped my back. Today, it feels 80% better. I am wondering if my back is still very stiff now, and maybe some yoga would help me out. I really don't have time for yoga on top of running, and taking care of Hope, but maybe even if I can do some moves every other night to keep it loose will help. I used to take a Power Yoga class before I got married and loved it, but now, I just can't leave little Hope. I know that is probably not right, but I hate to be selfish right now. But now I know when my back is killing me, go for a long easy run. Works for me!


  1. Hello Jaime,

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  2. I used to suffer about back pain all the time. I even went to spas so that I would have my back treated by massages. That was until my uncle told me I had to stretch my back He said that my back is just stiff because I rarely move when I sleep, so I need to stretch to feel better. I now stretch every day, and I am happy to be able to move a lot more than before.

  3. You know what, Jamie? You can actually do yoga anywhere in your home while watching over your daughter. You can also do quick stretches like the standing extension (putting your hand on your lower back and arch your back) after sitting for an extended amount of time. Little things like that can prevent back pain.

  4. Losing weight might help and aid your back problems. Check your body mass index, and see if your weight is too much for your height. Try to shed off some weight by eating more breakfast and a light lunch. You can also jog for at least 2 km a day, but if this is not possible, you can simply walk. Back problems are sometimes caused by being overweight. Try these activities to ease the pain and get in shape!