Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Last night's dinner

So last night was a treat. I made Bricked Rosemary Chicken and Baked Mac and Cheese. I did not follow these recipes completely; I made it a little healthier. For the chicken, I used less oil, and when I ate it, I didn't eat the skin. For the mac and cheese, I used skim milk instead of whole, less butter than it called for (I only used 2T instead of 6) and some of the cheese was reduced fat (not all though). I also kept my portions small and didn't have an afternoon snack to compensate for this heavier meal. Was it worth it??? Absolutely! Adam said it was the best meal I had ever made. He loved it! It's always night to get those kind of compliments. It keeps me in the kitchen. :) So we have leftovers of both, but I already have plans for the chicken and the mac and cheese will probably get eaten for lunch by one of us.

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