Monday, June 8, 2009

Menu Planning Monday - 6/8

So it's Monday again and it's time to figure out the menus for this week. I actually went to the farmer's market yesterday (Adam was working so I thought I would take Hope and get this job out of the way for the week). Last week, we ended up eating leftovers on Friday, so I plan to have the Cottage cheese and noodles this week instead.

Monday - Leftover pizza from last night (my dad brought it over when he came to see Hope) and a salad
Tuesday - Chicken under a Brick, Baked mac and cheese, and sugar snap peas
Wednesday - Veggie chili over baked potatoes and probably another salad
Thursday - Pasta with Tomato Pesto (Cook's Illustrated recipe new this month) and a salad
Friday - Cottage cheese and noodles

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  1. Ohhh why thank you! And nice to "meet" you =)