Monday, June 15, 2009

Frozen meals - yay or nay?

I believe frozen meals do have a time and place. They are very convenient, fast, and easy. I do not believe they should be used as a daily thing though. The sodium content is EXTREMELY high and half of the ingredients you can’t pronounce. It’s definitely better to make your own meal (whether it be lunch or dinner) most days and nights of the week, but sometimes you have to ask for a little help. Over the weekend, the fam went to my mother-in-law’s lake house. We left Friday after Hope went to sleep and didn’t get back until late Sunday afternoon. Adam had some things to do around the house and I went with my sister (and Hope of course) to look at some Save the Dates for her wedding. The weather was nice so we decided to walk. Well it got late, so we all went out to dinner and by the time we got back home, I was exhausted. After getting Hope ready for bed, Adam said he didn’t want to share me with the kitchen (and I agreed). So I didn’t get to make lunches last night like I had planned. Instead, we watched "He's Just Not that Into You." It was a cute movie, but I digress. So this morning, I was up and thought I wanted something fast, convenient and easy for lunch for both Adam and me. Adam does get a frozen dinner for lunch about once every 2 weeks. I get one once in a blue moon. Adam doesn’t mind them, but I like real food. I really don’t like all the sodium in it either. It can lead to water retention and high blood pressure. If you know me, then you know, I have very low blood pressure (something I get from my mom, at my last appointment my BP was 95/56), but it’s still not good for you. Adam likes the pizzas and the Asian noodle dishes. I buy for myself the Kashi frozen entrees. They are very good, and much better for you than most of the frozen entrees. They are made with whole grains don’t have as much sodium as most. I have only tried one, but I see from their website that they have a new one I would like to try. The Ranchero Beans has a lot of fiber and protein, especially for being a veggie/vegan entrĂ©e. I am slowly moving away from meat, so I am looking for ones that have protein in them without chicken. The downside is you do pay a pretty penny for these entrees. I think at Kroger they will normally run you $4.69 for one. Two weeks ago they were on sale for 2 for $7.00 and I had 2 $1 off coupons so I got 2 for $5.00. So I will continue to look for these as they go on sale and when they do, will continue to use these as my convenient, fast, and easy meals when I don’t have time.

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