Friday, June 12, 2009

You must be Hope's mom

On Monday, I was in the lactation room at work and a woman came in to pump. There are only a handful of us moms that use the room and we have all posted pictures of our children and their names and birthdays. The woman that came in I had never seen before, but that's not unusual. She took one look at me and said, "You must be Hope's mom." I responded yes, but I was taken aback. Wow, I have never been referred as Hope's mom before. It was weird (a nice weird). I have been Adam's wife and Kevin's daughter, but never Hope's mom. I liked the idea of being Hope's mom. It's my new role! I was just surprised to hear it out loud. It's funny how those things happen to you and really make you think. Of course, I have been Hope's mom for almost 8 months now, but never had ever said that to me like that. I have embraced my new role and do truly love it.


Hope's Mom

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