Monday, June 15, 2009

Menu Planning Monday - 6/15

So it’s Monday again and it’s time to plan some meals. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to use all the meals I had planned to last week, so that is why you will see them this week. Adam had a crazy week last week with an impromptu Brave’s game and then a couple 13 hour workdays. Hopefully this week, we can get back on track.
Monday - Cottage cheese and noodles (we didn't have this last week)
Tuesday - Pasta with Tomato Pesto (didn't make this either)
Wednesday - Big salads
Thursday - Grilled salmon with sugar snap peas and corn (Pork chop for Adam)
Friday - Grilled pizzas
Have a great week!


  1. What kind of noodles do you have with the cottage cheese? Also, I tried the Kashi Vive you recommended - very good!

  2. We use 1lb. of bowties and 24oz. cottage cheese (and a tablespoon of butter).